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Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, perhaps in the #5 position behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo by marketshare. Yet, most people outside of Asian countries have never even hear of the name Xiaomi, and perhaps don't even know how to pronounce it!

"She - OH - meee" might be about the closest pronunciation that westerners can get without studying Chinese tones.

The first Xiaomi 1 Smartphone

I first learned about Xiaomi 4 years ago on a business trip to Shenzhen, China. With billboards up throughout the city, I could tell they had some brand power already developed in the country, but I'd never heard the name. What struck me right away was the gorgeous design of each product. Xiaomi was making innovative, beautiful smartphones in much of the same aesthetic as Apple!


As I began to inquire about the brand, I quickly realized that Xiaomi phones cost less than half the price of a comparably powered high-end Samsung or Apple phone. Truly incredible feature-smartphones, for less than $300 or $400? How can they do this?

This was my introduction to the Xiaomi brand in 2015 and I've owned and used a top-of-the-line Xiaomi smartphone as my main daily driver ever since.

Since some of Xiaomi's first phone models - which honestly were designed to be knock-offs of larger successful brands - Xiaomi has found it's way and is a leading innovator in new design and tech features in a way that larger brands like Samsung and Apple dare not experiment with. These old, stalwart brands can't innovate to the same degree as Xiaomi because they can't afford  any large-scale flops. In the meantime, Xiaomi is much more nimble and willing experiment quickly with new ideas.

Join me in my journey here of sharing the Xiaomi world with you, and I'll show you into a place where some incredible innovation and an exciting brand story is being developed.




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